How to Play

  1. Design your deck. Mix up your HTML deck with your CSS if you wanna go on a front-end match, or just a single colour if you wanna keep things to one language.

  2. Split your deck equally among players. Make sure each player starts with the same amount of cards.

  3. At the start of each round every player places a card of their choosing on the table.

  4. Players take turns answering the opponents questions. If the answer is right, the player gets to steal the card. Whenever a card is taken, the owner of the stolen card must immediately place another on the table.

  5. The turn of a player continues until he gets one wrong or doesn't know the answer to any of the questions on table. If someone goes on a stealing frenzy by getting multiple cards right, it’s up to other players to stop him by placing the meanest cards they’ve got.

  6. Players get eliminated when they run out of cards. Last one standing wins.
  7. Extra rules: If at any point of the game a player gets stuck and doesn't know the answer to any cards on table, he may choose to steal a card in exchange for any 3 of his cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Well, We won't hold you for not following rules; infact, get creative, come up with more rules/ways to play this anything that makes this more interesting is welcome. Let your creative juices flow.